Patch notes - Build Ver. 0.2

Hello, everyone!

I got a lot of useful feedback from you guys and changes have been made accordingly! Here's what new:

Custom settings

  • A lower difficulty setting has been implemented. Open the menu and click on the box on the bottom right to enable/disable this option.
  • You can now choose to manually control the camera, disabling the automatic flip. Click on the box on the bottom right to enable/disable this option.
  • Controls are now displayed in the game menu.

Input customization

  • Improved game launcher input tab, now it's pretty easy to customize your inputs. Do so by following the steps below upon starting the game:

New game over screen

  • Over 30 jokes and tips will now appear randomly on the game over screen. 
  • Death counter added.

Dialogs & cutscenes

  • Removed some dialogs from the 4 first scenes. Increased overall cutscene pacing. This should make the intro a lot faster and enjoyable.
  • You can now press "S" to fill a speech balloon. Press "S" again to proceed to the next balloon.

General changes

  • The health of the first mini-boss has been reduced.
  • Improved the behavior of moving platforms.
  • Decreased the health of shielded turrets on the first level.
  • Added a platform near the tree area in the first level.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing weird arrow collisions with baby cyclops.
  • Turned off mana UI until you unlock your first skill.

These changes will greatly benefit the game. They would never happen without your feedback. Updates, levels & new content are coming very soon, so stay tuned! 

The new build is already avaible for download.



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