Coming soon to build ver 0.3!

Hello everyone! 

Just wanted to let you all know that I'm working hard to make the 3rd level of the demo. 

It's very different from level 1 and 2, because you'll be introduced to some boar riding action! 

On the first part of the level, you'll be taught how to control the boar and you'll also have the opportunity to get used to his speed and jump lenght. 

Then, you'll have to put your skils to the test by running away from a forest fire, caused by a new story character that will also be introduced, named Sir Ignas-Rant!

This level is full of new mechanics, such as bomberpiglets, spitting impaled llama heads, destroyable objects and mounted fighting!

Here's how the boar UI and how destroying stuff currently feels like:

It's still a work in progress, the walls and ground aren't even there! It'll get better as I work on it.

And this is Sir Ignas-Rant! I wanted to make him as punchable as I possibly could, I hope it worked. 

And here's one of many design possibilities that Bomberpiglets will allow!

The new level is full of secrets and powerups for you to find! Also, the first REAL boss battle will happen there! Start polishing your arrows, it's time to face Mr.D !

Level 1 and 2 are also getting some love! I reworked specific parts of them, making them more enjoyable. 

There are a bunch of new quality of life additions, such as more precise platform hitboxes. 

Fixed many bugs and renewed some background visuals! 

The new dithering looks great :) 


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39 days ago

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